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Companies that have implemented digital technologies across their business have been successful in enhancing revenue sources, competing against digital natives and outperforming peers.

A recent survey of PwC found that 45% of IT executives see growing revenue through improving digital capabilities as a top priority

About Us

We understand there are numerous of challenges an enterprise are facing to move toward the correct direction of Digital Transformation, namely when there is “NO capable People, NO clear Process and NO deep understanding on Technology”.

Hence the common decision outcome from management team is DON’T embrace since it is IRRELEVANT to the business or could DISRUPT the business operations.

On the other hand there are misconception about Digital Transformation.  Embracing Social Media Network, leveraging Cloud Computing or implementing Big Data into existing Enterprise Information Systems are the common senses that contribute to this misconception.

It is true the latest trending technology mentioned above are the means for enabling Digital enterprise, however the implementation of technology itself may not sufficient to achieve a successful Digital Transformation.

A successful Digital Transformation requires more than just launching a digital business unit and hiring a
Chief Digital Officer.

Digital Transformation is the journey of strategic organizational change to empower the employees (People) with a new method to create highly responsive strategy, data driven and ensuring that by having more data, it could perform innovation and deliver more opportunity for growing the enterprise services or products or customer satisfactions.


Digital Transformation needs the leadership (People) who can deliver shortest time from idea to value. As we had seen in many examples, Digital Transformation is enabled by innovative Technology solution. And finally, Digital Transformation need some clear Process(es) that can shape people way of doing things in their day to day business.

This is the reason the founder of the company, Mr Soleiman Pello started this company and named it "Dedomena"

Dedomena, came from the ancient Greek word meaning “Data”. Data is the primary asset for all successful modern enterprise, experts says data is the new currency of an enterprise. 

Through Dedomena, Mr Soleiman would ensure that his team would deliver the best services and solutions for any of Dedomena customers Digital Transformation program journey.

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Our Services & Solutions Specialization

Companies must react quickly and have an innovative mindset to adapt to technology threads in various industries.

There are 3 key requirements for a successful journey of Digital Transformation.

  1. STRATEGY: Strong & knowledgeable leadership

  2. PEOPLE: Organizational change through employee empowerment

  3. TECHNOLOGY: Utilize cloud data capabilities for efficiencies

What Dedomena Provides

STRATEGY Consultancy (We Provide Business Transformation Advisory)

  • We understand that creating a digital transformation will have many challenges, such as the resistance of people that are in their comfort zone for many years. 

  • At Dedomena, we provide advisory on how your team (CEO, CTO, CIO and Business Managers) what should be fundamentally be placed first so that the changes can adopted smoothly. We will be the partners to ensure your company will be a digital ready enterprise.

PEOPLE Training (We Provide Training and Enhancing Digital Skill)

  • Dedomena offers end-to-end training for multiple stakeholders within the digital transformation program.

  • There would be a comprehensive curriculum and defined roadmap with milestones that we customize according to the needs of the enterprise.

  • We also partner with vendors to leverage on their course materials to enable and ensure the right skills and competencies of technical team.

TECHNOLOGY Implementation (We Provide Technical Consultation, Technical Implementation and Technical Support)

  • Our team consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are proficient in their product solutioning. Each SME has a minimum of 5 years of experience in their product specialization. As such, we can guarantee the quality of the outcome of their implementation

  • Additionally, our SMEs come from multiple industrial backgrounds, and this unique opportunity personalizes and enables the service so that our customers’ technical teams can learn efficiently and effectively

  • Effective digital technical consultation requires a comprehensive development of enterprise architecture and specific technical implementation. Therefore, Dedomena provides the entire end-to-end process of designing, developing, testing, quality assurance and deploying of the product in production environment, be it on premise or on the clouds of the enterprise.

  • We are also open to work in collaboration with any other designated vendors’ or our customers’ internal technical team.


Dedomena Specialization

Dedomena specialize in Oracle Products Consulting, Technical Implementation & Training Services, namely:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware

  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle Policy Automation

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Oracle BigData Solutions

  • Oracle Service Oriented Architecture

  • Oracle Business Process Management

  • Oracle Identity Governance

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Dedomena Customized Solution

We believe that Oracle is a great market-leader in Cloud and Data Service, and we take pride in our in-depth knowledge of their products.
However we understand that each client has different unique needs. As such, our company tailors and customs software and solutions that would best suit our customers’ objectives.

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Dedomena Managed Services

Perhaps you have limited team, perhaps you may have limited expertise, perhaps your team working hours is not permit for them to manage your entire applications and databases run time services. This's why Dedomena offer Managed Services. We help you to overseas your on-premise and cloud infrastructure run time, especially your application and database. We tailor this Managed Services as your need from mission critical applications to normal support call.

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Our Clients

As a professional Information Technology Consultant, we know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. We enjoy helping our clients achieve the goals they seek to see through.


At this page we are apology as we cannot disclose publicly about the projects that we have delivered or continually support for our customers due to customers privacy preferences.

Please send an email to for further queries.


Bank Indonesia


Asian Development Bank


Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

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Contact Us

Singapore HQ Office
Dedomena Pte Ltd

3 Fraser St Duo Tower #05-27

Singapore 189352

Phone: +65 69114573

Jakarta, Indonesia Office 

PT Dedomena Digital Indonesia

DBS Bank Tower 28/F, Ciputra World One 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3 – 5,

Jakarta  12940

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Phone: +62 21 2988 8474

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